Catherine is a highly skilled and experienced counsellor and clinical supervisor. Her natural warmth, rapport  and empathy along with her non-judgemental approach support her passion for helping people through change and difficult situations…. “I will work with you at your pace on your terms.”

Catherine provides treatment for trauma, stress management, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, grief and loss, adverse childhood experiences, eating disorders, drug and alcohol dependency, gambling, compulsive shopping, relationship difficulties, anger management, low self worth, lack of self confidence, trust issues. 

The initial session with Catherine  will focus on getting to know you, understand your situation and explore how you got to be the way you are…. « Let’s find out what has happened to you. »

In subsequent sessions Catherine will focus on underlying negative beliefs and experiences that are causing you distress. When you feel ready  she will guide you very safely through proven therapeutic processes to clear, heal and restore your sense of confidence and wellbeing.

“Trauma, distress and imbalance sit in the body as well as the mind and brain. It is essential to work on all levels simultaneously to change thought patterns, neural pathways and behaviours.”

 Catherine uses Resource Therapy and EMDR, two psychodynamic therapies that support the mind/brain in activating its natural healing process. All Catherine’s work is supported with mindfulness, relaxation practices and positive resourcing. 

« If you want to make changes in your life, if you are sick of feeling anxious, depressed, uncertain, dissatisfied, addicted – if life feels overwhelming – come and talk about it and together we will explore what you really want, what is stopping you, and how to make progress towards your needs and goals.  What are you ready to change today?” 

Catherine is a mother, grandmother, artist, teacher, yogi, lover of nature, loyal friend. 

Appointment type: face to face and online

Works with: individuals, couples, teenagers

Working days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Qualifications and training: Bachelor Communications, Grad Dip Education, Grad Dip Counselling, Clinical supervision, Clinical Resource Therapy, Advanced EMDR, Attachment Focussed EMDR, Imago Couples Therapy, Emotional Freedom Therapy, Hatha Yoga and Meditation Instructor.

Registered member: ACA Level 2, EMDRAA