Relationship & Sex Therapist

Gabrielle Lawrie has been a committed and passionate Relationship & Sex Therapist for 14yrs who is highly recommended in our google reviews for creating a safe, non-judgemental environment where couples feel immediately at ease and understood, thus able to understand their partner or relationship issues in ways they haven’t before, which can bring enormous relief as they work to heal some of the following issues –

  • Unhealthy conflict resolutions styles
  • Issues with jealousy, perfectionism, control
  • Coping with in-laws, blending step families, the empty nest
  • Mismatched libidos
  • Childhood attachment triggers / trauma
  • Loneliness caused by different love languages, parenting styles etc
  • Resentment from poor distribution of household responsibilities
  • Burn out caused by work, life balance difficulties when raising young kids
  • Relationship ambivalence (Too good to leave or too bad to stay?)
  • How to reignite passion in a sexless marriage
  • How to reconnect when you feel like flatmates running a childcare centre
  • Recovery and rebuilding trust after an affair
  • Inability to set healthy boundaries
  • Getting the love and respect you deserve
  • Low self-esteem, self-abandonment, self-care
  • From co-dependence to interdependence
  • Breaking the demand withdraw cycle
  • Coping with ADHD and ASD differences in partner or kids
  • Relationship ambivalence (should I stay or should I go)
  • How to break up in a healthy way and build a good co-parenting relationship
  • Support for LGBTI, Alt, Traditional, open, poly or LATs couples
  • Couples sexual functioning effected by back injury, radical prostatectomy, mastectomy, MS, Erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, premature ejaculation, performance anxiety, dyspareunia, STIs, HIV, Endometriosis, PMDD, a partner transitioning, resentment blocking sexual desire, childhood sexual abuse, adult sexual assault, sexual harassment /bullying in the work place

And she has worked with individuals in the following areas –

  • Escaping toxic relationships safely
  • Recovery from unhealthy relationships
  • Rebuilding self-worth, self-respect and secure attachment
  • Recognizing red flags and unhealthy dating patterns
  • Finding and building attraction to healthy partners with secure attachment styles
  • Planning for a baby with or without a partner
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship and understanding the phases (from honeymoon to interdependence if these weren’t role modelled in your childhood)
  • How to overcome negative body image, low libido, performance anxiety
  • Depression and anxiety caused by loneliness
  • Understanding why a partner cheated or left them
  • How to heal a broken heart

Alongside Gabrielle’s work in private practice she has also worked at Relationships Australia as a workshop facilitator running groups like Parenting after separation, Men & Relationships, Self-esteem & Communication, Women, Choice and Change (DV recovery) and as a health promotion officer at ACON LGBTI health, Lifeline as a suicide prevention counsellor, in High schools running Healthy Relationship skills programs for teens, facilitated workshops at Newcastle university for Sexual Health weeks and she does regular radio segments on Relationship and Sex Therapy issues on Newcastle Live as she has done in the past for Got Your Back Sista.

On top of this Gabrielle gets plenty of healthy relationships skills practice with her lovely partner of ten years and their beautiful 4yr old and 7yr old boys, where they navigate how to parent with ADHD and ASD in the mix, which seems to bring comfort to other parents experiencing the same growth opportunities, whilst they still manage to go camping with friends, enjoy backyard BBQs around the pool with their extended family followed by weekend escapes with good bushwalks, books and board games.

Gabrielle is has her Masters in Sexology from the university of Sydney (CBT, SFBT, Narrative therapy), followed by training in Gottman Couples therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy and Resource therapy.